Clean Cities Marketing Plan

A fleet industry association, also known as industry trade group, business association, or sector association, is any organization founded and funded by businesses or individuals that operate in the fleet industry.
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If you were provided FleetLeads records, would you use them for your outreach initiatives?

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Clean Cities Marketing Plan

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Below is a link to the Clean Cities Marketing Plan. It is intended as a document that you can edit to answer the question – How can we use the resources of Clean Cities and the FleetWiki website to facilitate the transition to sustainable fleet technologies?
Use this forum to post comments and suggestions. The structure of the Clean Cities Coalition Network is one where collaboration will yield the best results. Your engagement is key to success. You will most likely have questions. Post them in this forum.

By way of background, you will find these videos helpful…
FleetLeads, part of FleetWiki, contains contact records for Fleet Administrators across the U.S. that can be downloaded and used for your marketing initiatives. Topics have been setup in this forum to guide the development of your marketing campaigns and share best practices. They are...
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