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All-Electric Automobiles
    Featuring a 900V+ Electrical Architecture with a Charging Rate of Up to 20 Miles Per Minute The Lucid Air continues to set new benchmarks. And with a charging rate as fast as 20 miles per minute it is also the fastest charging electric vehicle ever offered. In real world terms, this means up to 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes.
    Source: Lucid Motors

Leasing Company Cards
    Fuel is the second largest expense for fleets after depreciation. Since you can?t control prices at the pump, examining your fleet?s MPG is one way to manage your fuel spend. Use this calculator to see how much you?re spending today and how much you can potentially save by focusing on your MPG.
    Source: Merchants Leasing
Nitrogen Inflated Tires
    Whether you drive a family sedan or a big rig, filling your tires with nitrogen improves pressure retention, thereby prolonging tire life and increasing fuel economy. Use this tool to see how much you could save when you fill your tires with nitrogen.
    Source: Branick Industries, Inc.

Natural Gas Engine Technologies

    When you?re adding a new fuel to your fleet, you already have a list of needs in mind: getting the right vehicles, finding fuel that fits the budget. But it?s also important to consider how maintenance will affect your overall productivity and costs.
    Source: Alliance AutoGas/Blossman Gas

    Alliance has converted thousands of vehicles to autogas. Public and private fleets are ideal candidates for conversion to propane autogas because they are often characterized by higher mileage within a fixed radius of travel. Current fleet customers have experienced the many benefits of autogas that add to the growing trend of green fleets across the county.
    Source: Alliance AutoGas/Blossman Gas

Government Organizations
Government Organizations
Government Organizations
    Anyone who has registered or is required to register a heavy highway motor vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more in their name at the time of first use on the public highways during the reporting period must file Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return.
    Source: IRS - Internal Revenue Service
Government Organizations
    Get Vital, Current Recall Info in 3 Easy Steps. Cars. Trucks. Vans. Motorcycles. Car Seats. Whatever you?re driving, or whatever equipment you?re using, nothing is more important than safety ? yours and everyone else?s. At NHTSA, ensuring safety is our most important mission.
    Source: DOT-U.S.DepartmentofTransportation
Government Organizations
Government Organizations

Electronic logging device
    DRIVE Risk Score is a comprehensive analysis of your fleet. Taking Driver, Road, Imaging, Vehicle, and Environment into consideration, the DRIVE Risk Score offers you the bigger picture behind a drivers performance. Learn more in this article about how to access this data.
    Source: KeepTruckin


Fleet Staffing Services
    The driver shortage is a problem that has plagued the industry for 15 years. Due to a tight labor market and an increasing average age of truck drivers, the driver shortage is expected to swell in the next decade. According to the American Trucking Association, the shortage could reach 160,000 drivers by 2028 If current trends hold.
    Source: Centerline

Autonomous Mobility
    We firmly believe in self-driving technology and its profound potential to transform the way we live, ultimately making getting around cities safer, easier, and more enjoyable for all. To that end, this report explains how the team at Argo applies safety principles across all aspects of the engineering and development of our self-driving technology.
    Source: Argo AI

Industry Associations
    Please join us on Wednesday, October 21, 2021 for an SFT Webinar session. This session will feature the top Green Fleet Award winners for 2021. You will learn how the fleets were able to get funding for alternative fuel vehicles, as well as the infrastructure to support them. They will also present the ROIs for their projects. These are tools, tips and strategies that you can use in your operation the next day.
    Source: NAFA

Low Rolling Resistance Tires
    The BFGoodrich® Commercial Truck Tires lineup offuel efficient tires will give you the competitive edgeyou need to save money and fuel, while reducinggreenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions.
    Source: BF Goodrich
Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Truck Rental and Leasing Companies
    The decision to lease or buy vehicles is never an easy one, and it should always be based upon the unique requirements of your company. Understanding all the information associated with fleet funding can help bring clarity to the lease-versus-own decision.
    Source: Donlen Corporation