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Clean Cities Coalition Network
    FleetWiki connects suppliers with fleet administrators, supported by local Clean Cities coalition partners, providing opportunities for guidance in the transition to zero and low-emission fleet vehicles. Please share this invitation with your suppliers of low-emission fleet vehicle technologies.
    Source: TEP Transportation Energy Partners
Clean Cities Coalition Network

All-Electric Trucks, Vans and Buses

All-Electric Automobiles

Asset Management
    How Much Can GPS Tracking Save Your Company? Our ROI calculator can quickly show you how much you can expect to save using Linxup tracking. Simply enter the number of vehicles in your fleet. Then, feel free to adjust the variables outlined in black.
    Source: Linxup

Clean Cities Coalition Network

Clean Cities Coalition Network
    The New England Electric Auto Association (NEEAA) is a vibrant community of electric vehicle (EV) owners dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation. As a network of EV enthusiasts, NEEAA members provide support and resources for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to host sustainable events.
    Source: CT New Haven Clean Cities
Clean Cities Coalition Network
Clean Cities Coalition Network
    The Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR) offers incentives to Connecticut residents who purchase or lease an eligible vehicle from a licensed Connecticut automobile dealership.
    Source: CT New Haven Clean Cities

Consulting and Agency Services
    This review presents an insightful assessment of the total cost of ownership (TCO) implications associated with the use of low rolling resistance tires (LRRTs), nitrogen-inflated tires (NITs), and automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS).
    Source: Fleet Management Weekly