New Flyer of America

New Flyer is known for breaking new ground with the first low floor bus, the first diesel electric bus and most recently, the world’s first zero emission hydrogen fuel cell fleet. We remain dedicated to innovation and excellence as we provide customers with a wide range of products.

  1. Xcelsior CHARGE FC™ - The Xcelsior CHARGE F... lock


Proterra LLC

Proterra designed and manufactured battery electric transit buses, powertrain systems for other heavy-duty vehicle builders and charging systems for fleets of heavy-duty vehicles.

  1. Proterra ZX5 Fuel Cell Bus - The Proterra ZX5 is a hydrogen fuel cell bus designed for zero-emission transit. It features a range-extending hydrogen fuel cell system combined with Proterra’s advanced ba... lock


Van Hool NV(ABC Companies, Inc)

Van Hool builds a complete range of intefral buses and coaches, designed and produced according to a modular concept. 

  1. Exqui.City24 Fuel Cell: This Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) vehicle combines the flexibility of a bus with the efficiency of a tram. It is equipped with Ballard Fuel Cell engines and Siem... lock