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EV Charging Stations
EV power stations grow 7% from ’23
Automakers may be pumping the brakes on electric vehicle production in the United States, but charging challenges -- a hurdle to adoption -- are vanishing at a rapid clip.
St. Paul to require EV infrastructure in new, expanded parking lots
Renters in certain St. Paul apartment buildings may be better equipped to own and operate electric vehicles under a new city policy designed to encourage the use of EVs and protect the environment.
Man arrested in connection with shooting incident at EV station behind East Hartford bank
A man is facing multiple charges following a shooting incident at an electric vehicle charging station behind an East Hartford bank in January.
New report tackles electric vehicle charging payment challenges and offers key recommendations
Payment issues can affect electric vehicle (EV) drivers' charging experiences. EV charging should be accessible, convenient, and reliable, and payment issues affect both accessibility and reliability.
The US now has a fast EV-charging station for every 15 gas stations
Almost 600 public fast-charging stations were switched on for US drivers in the ... blitz was fueled in part by the Biden administration’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program, a $5 billion plan to fi...
Roam to set up electric car charging stations at QuickMart outlets
"We are thrilled to collaborate with QuickMart to bring the Roam Hub Charging Centre to their premises. This partnership not only enhances the accessibility of electric vehicle ch
EV charging stations now operational in West Perth; rate to be monitored
West Perth will monitor its eight electric-vehicle (EV) chargers over the next six months to determine if the municipality is overcharging customers, council decided during its April 15 meeting.  Earlier this year,
Carmakers go it alone on e-vehicle charging solutions
Carmakers in Vietnam are looking to develop their own charging infrastructure for electric vehicles through strong partnerships.
San Diego wants to build a sprawling electric vehicle charging network — but council members have questions
Depending on the results of a complex revenue-sharing agreement, the city could owe as much as $60 million in reimbursement costs for the infrastructure installed