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APU spec sheet
Auxiliary Power Unit
Source: Centramatic
Climate Systems
HVAC Systems for Commercial Trucks and Buses
Source: Victory Climate Systems
HP2000 APU manual
Installation and Operator Manual
Source: Parks Industries LLC
Powered by four heavy-duty AGM batteries, SmartAirTM can keep a sleeper cool and comfortable for up to 10 hours at a stretch. At the same time, the SmartAir no-idle climate-control system lowers fuel costs and cuts emissions.
Source: Peterbilt Motors

Case Histories

Grammer industries
Auxiliary Power Units
Source: Hammond Air Conditioning Ltd.


APU Powered Auxiliary AC Brochure
A brochure about APU powered AC solutions.
Source: Dometic Corp.
AuraGen Induction Power Source Manual
An owners manual on the use of the AuraGen system.
Source: Aura Systems Inc.
Battery Based Auxiliary AC Solutions Brochure
A brochure about battery based auxiliary air conditioning.
Source: Dometic Corp.
ComfortPro APU Brochure
A brochure of the features and beneftis of the ComfortPro APU.
Source: Carrier Corporation
Commercial mobile generators full line brochure
A brochure of the full line of Cummins commercial mobile generators.
Source: Cummins Inc.
Cost Calculator
Idling reduction savings calculator
Source: Bergstrom Inc.
Dimensions Sensata 800W pure sine inverter brochure
A brochure on the Dimensions Sensata 800W pure sine inverter.
Source: Dimensions - Sensata Technologies
Dimensions Sensata pure sine inverter brochure
Dimensions Sensata 12 VDC pure sine inverter brochure.
Source: Dimensions - Sensata Technologies
Dynasys brochure
A brochure about Dynasys-the best solution to engine idling. With Dynasys auxiliary power, you can shut down your engine, maintain your comfort and reduca operating costs.
Source: Dynasys
Go Power battery charger brochure
A brochure on the Go Power Battery Chargers.
Source: Carmanah Technologies Corp.
Idle Reduction Specification Sheet
A sheet detailing the features and benefits of the idle reduction system.
Source: Kohler
Idle Time Brochure
A brochure on the IdleTime APU.
Source: McMillan Electric
Idle Time Press Release
A press release detailing the features of the APU Idle Time.
Source: McMillan Electric
PowerPac APU manual
An installation manual and owners guide for the PowerPac APU.
Source: Power Technology Southeast, Inc.
Thermo King Tripac APU Brochure
A brochure on the APU Tripac.
Source: Thermo King Corp.

White Papers

Idle Free
To improve driver recruiting, retention and comfort, the maintenance director at Central Trucking, Inc. (CTI), Mark Stahl, went in search of a more robust auxiliary power unit (APU) for the company’s fleet. A premier coast-to-coast carrier, CTI’s f...
Source: Idle Free Systems, Inc.