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Diesel powertrain technology that makes a decarbonization difference
For every gallon of diesel saved, there’s a reduction of 22.4 lbs. of CO2 emissions. Putting more fuel efficient diesel trucks on the road can make a big decarbonization impact.
Dynamic Fleet Benchmarking with Penske's AI-Driven Management Platform
Penske's Catalyst AI fleet management platform uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time insight into fleet performance, benchmarking against similar fleets, and the ability to identify ...
Undergraduates develop record hydrogen-powered engine in a world first
Bath Hydrogen team becomes the world's first undergraduates to develop and operate a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine.
Penske launches Catalyst AI for fleet performance insights
Catalyst AI allows fleet managers to compare their own performance to that of similar fleets across Penske’s database.
Digital Transformation: How Fleet Management Companies Can Provide A More Customer-Centric Approach
Aarjav Trivedi is the founder and CEO of Ridecell, a leading intelligent automation platform for fleets.
Hydrogen combustion engine fires up on road to land speed record run
Hydrogen-fueled combustion engines have slowly emerged in the mobility world, designed to run everything from race cars to pleasure boats. The latest hydrogen ICE to rumble to life was born with a ...
Scaling up AVs for the commercial vehicle industry
Autonomous vehicles have been in development and testing for several years now, with some companies succeeding at introducing this technology more than others.
MIT Technology Review
MIT Technology Review's signature AI conference now in two locations - London, UK and Cambridge, MA. Join us at one or both as we explore the latest in AI and its potential to change how we work ...
New Sales Stats: What's the Top-Selling Nissan so far in 2024?
The first commercial quarter of 2024 is over and we have received the official sales figures for the U.S. market. Join us, today we are joined by Nissan and its Best-Selling vehicle.
Liberals release plan to 'solve the housing crisis,' branding it as a call to action
The federal Liberals have unveiled their plan to solve the housing crisis, building on recent announcements with new tax incentives, more than a billion dollars for homelessness and a country-wide ...
Volvo sees fleet profitability paved upon its path the zero
While there is more decarbonization pushback in the U.S., around its global headquarters in Sweden, Volvo Trucks is making the case that fleets need to go green for the good ...
US agency says it will investigate Ford gasoline leak recall that can cause engine compartment fires
DETROIT — (AP) — The U.S. government's auto safety agency has opened an investigation into a Ford recall for gasoline leaks from cracked fuel injectors that can cause engine fires, saying in ...
Ford is under investigation for Bronco Sport gas leaks. US says its remedy doesn't fix the problem
The U.S. is investigating a Ford recall for gasoline leaks from fuel injector cracks that can cause engine fires ... stop the vehicle and arrange for service, the company said.
CNH expands India Technology Center, opens Multi-Vehicle Simulator
New Delhi: CNH, a global leader in agricultural and construction solutions, has added a cutting-edge Multi-Vehicle Simulator (MVS) at the company’s India Technology Center (ITC). The first-of ...
Alpine hypercar concept to run hydrogen engine at Spa
Le Mans may soon have a class for hydrogen-powered cars, and Alpine's Alpenglow concept may provide a clue of what a race car for the class will be like.
GoMechanic partners with ExxonMobil for engine oil technology
By integrating ExxonMobil's advanced engine oil technology into our services, we're not only enhancing vehicle performance but also setting a new standard for engine care in India." Driving ...
Pratt & Whitney Plans Technology Accelerator, Engine Center Expansion In Florida
Pratt & Whitney plans North American Technology Accelerator (NATA), will invest $20M in West Palm Beach Engine Center, both in Jupiter, FL.
Ford to recall nearly 43,000 SUVs over risk of gasoline leak, engine fires
DETROIT — The risk of fire due to gasoline ... and inside the vehicle,” Ford said. “If there is a fire, the customer may notice smoke or flames emanating from the engine compartment or ...
New Engine Technology Forum Digital Event
Washington, D.C., April 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Engine Technology Forum (ETF) will launch its 2024 digital event series on May 1 with a webinar about innovations in engine technology for ...